Week commencing 29/06/2020


Transition Booklet - click here

in school, and at home, we will be starting to complete some work on transition. Try to spent at least an hour this week working through this booklet. 

Watching the videos on BBC bitesize can help you to think about, and answer some questions about your move to your new school. click here to view them.

Over the next few weeks, we will be working through a transition booklet, designed to encourage you to think about moving to your new school in September. There will be lots of changes!

We are arranging Zoom calls so you can see and speak to your friends at SSPP who are going to the same school as you. If you find anything in this booklet that you want to ask questions about, WRITE THEM DOWN to remember them, and then ask us in the Zoom call!

Why not start the day with a PE workout from body coach Joe Wicks - click here



This week, please follow the weekly schedule for the Oak National Academy. Access the resources for your year below.


Lesson 1: Reading Comprehension

Lesson 2: Reading Comprehension

Lesson 3: Identify key features of a newspaper article

Lesson 4: Planning your writing

Lesson 5: Write a poem


Words ending in –ant, –ance/–ancy, –ent, –ence/–ency (1 of 2) (revision) - click here

Words ending in –ant, –ance/–ancy, –ent, –ence/–ency (2 of 2) (revision) - click here

Please spend time practicing each of the following spelling patterns on Spellingframe. Try to spend up to 20 minutes practicing spellings each day, you might decide to focus on one spelling rule per day. Complete the test after your practice for each of the following:

A random selection of words taken from the Years 5 and 6 spelling list



Teaching Video clips: White Rose Year 5: Lessons 1 - 5

Activities and answers

Monday: activity -click here    answers -click here

Tuesday: activity -click here answers -click here

Wednesday: activity -click here answers -click here

Thursday: activity -click here  answers -click here

Friday: White Rose / BBC Challenge Activity - Click here

Link to supportive resources on the BBC  -click here


In addition to the activities above we ask that pupils spend time every day on TimesTable Rockstars.

Any problems please email  rockstars@stpeter-stpauls.wirral.sch.uk



This half term our Science topic is Electricity, 

Nikola Tesla Research task

Click here



This week we are lokoing at the Church as the Body of Christ

Activity sheet

If you're looking for something more to work on - please click on the image above to go to the "Anywhere Island" project.


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