Week commencing 29/06/2020


So far we have looked at these sounds 'ee', 'ai',  'igh'   'oa' and  'oo'  'ar'ur' 'ow' 'oi' 'ear'

Our new sound is 'air'. It is in words such as 'hair'  'fair'  'chair'. There are some 'air'  powerpoints for you to watch in the resources at the bottom of the page.

Do you know any other words with this sound in? 

Ask a grown up to write some words for you to read. Can you write them as the grown up says them to you?

Can you make a rhyming string? 

Play 'Picnic on Pluto' on https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/PicnicOnPluto.html#  and choose phase 3 'air' sounds. 

Try to write a simple sentence such as 'The chair is near.' or 'Can I go to the fair?' 

Remember to always use your high 5 rules when you write a sentence. (You can find a copy of them in the links below.)

Try reading and writing tricky words 'he,  she, me, we, be, my, was, you, no, go, they, all' Our new tricky word to read is 'her'.


There is a sheet to look at or download in the files below. Complete some addition sentences using fruits and record them as either part, part, whole additions or using the + and = symbols.

There are pictures of fruits to download, but you could draw them or use real ones.


Handa's Surprise

Can you make a fruit salad? Ask a grown up to help you peel, prepare and chop the fruits. There are some instructions in the files below that you could use.

Can you write some sentences about how you made your fruit salad? There is a sheet with some words to copy or print below.

There is also a sheet about tasting fruits which you can look at or print


There is a song about Akeyo, Click here for the song, it will download when you click on it.

The words are below.


Musical Instruments

Can you make some musical instruments? There are instructions below to make an African Tongue Drum.




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