Week commencing 22/06/2020



Please follow the weekly schedule for English on Oak National Academy

Mondayto retrieve information

Tuesdayto make inferences

Wednesdayto add detail to expanded noun phrases

Thursdayto add detail to expanded noun phrases

Fridayto write a character description




This half term we will be consolidating the work that we have covered this year.

This week we will be consolidating conjunctions.


Activity 1

Activity 2



Please spend 20 minutes on Spelling Frame. Complete the test after your practice for: 

Spelling Rule 19 - The /i:/ sound spelt –ey click here

Spelling Rule 20 -   The /ɒ/ sound spelt a after w and qu click here



White Rose - for lesson presentations please 

Work your way through the slides in the presentation and the activities that go with them. 

Monday 22nd June : click here - Answers - click here

Tuesday 23rd June : click here - Answers - click here

Wednesday 24th June : click here  - Answers - click here

Thursday 25th June : click here  - Answers - click here

Friday 26th June: Follow the White Rose link above for Friday's BBC Bitesize Maths Challenge.

Arithmetic Test 9 Monday 22nd June 

Click here: click here

Work your way through the arithmetic test at a time when it suits you. Some questions you will be able to answer mentally, some you will have to work out on paper. Use the space provided below the question or do any working out on a piece of paper. Think about which mathematical diagrams you can use to help you work out the answer. 


In addition to the activities above we ask that pupils spend time every day on TimesTable Rockstars.



Recognising plant structures: Reading activity

These activities should last two weeks.

Activity Click Here:



Lesson 1: In this lesson we will be starting a new geography unit! We will be learning all about different settlement types, including villages, towns and cities. We will learn about the population of earth, and where people can be found around the world. click here

Lesson 2: In this lesson we will be learning all about what a settlement is. We will learn about the key differences between villages, towns and cities, and how cities are growing in size and population. click here

RE - Week 4

Learning Objective – Know about the early Christian community and understand that we are part of the Christian community today.

Discuss what it is like to have a good friend and to be a good friend.

How do we make good friends? What do we need to do to be a good friend?

Read the 'Good Friends' story below

Explain that each one of us has chosen to be an important friend of Jesus. He will always be our closest friend. However, like all friends we have to spend time with Jesus, be still and let him know that we are thinking of him.


Draw a picture of yourself. Decorate the picture so that it looks like you and write your name on it.

Recognise that you are a part of the Christian community and that you will always be a friend of Jesus.






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