Week commencing 22/06/2020


So far we have looked at these sounds 'ee', 'ai',  'igh'   'oa' and  'oo'  'ar'ur' 'ow' 'oi'

Our new sound is 'ear'. It is in words such as 'near'  'tear'  'fear'. There are some 'ear'  powerpoints for you to watch in the resources at the bottom of the page.

Do you know any other words with this sound in? 

Ask a grown up to write some words for you to read. Can you write them as the grown up says them to you?

Can you make a rhyming string? 

Play 'Picnic on Pluto' on https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/PicnicOnPluto.html#  and choose phase 3 'ear' sounds. 

Try to write a simple sentence such as 'Am I near the cow?' or 'Can you hear the toad?' 

Remember to always use your high 5 rules when you write a sentence. (You can find a copy of them in the links below.)

Try reading and writing tricky words 'he,  she, me, we, be, my, was, you, no, go, they' Our new tricky word to read is 'all'.


How many animals can you count in the illustrations. How many dogs / cats / birds etc.

Collect different sticks from a local field / park. Can you measure their length / width?

In the links below are some maths activities, some addition number sentences for you to do, either print the sheet or look at the problem online and just write the answers on a piece of paper. Can you make up your own addition sentences?

There are also some number activities for you in 'Number Lines' below.


Watch the story of Stick man here

There are some activities for discussing the story and writing about it. Download 'Stick Man Activities' below.


Can you make a house out of paper and draw your family? The sheet 'Family', which is below, will show you how to do this!


The swans try to use the Stick Man when they are building their nest. How many other different animals build a nest? Where do they build them? What materials do they use?

The Stick Man floats out to sea. Think about why things float. Can you test different materials to see if they float?

Design Technology

Design and build a sandcastle like the family in the story. What different parts will it have?

Look at the toys in the Stick Family's bedroom. Could you use natural materials to make a new toy for the children?

Can you find any bark on a tree? Look at the sheet below and try to complete the activities!
There are lots of colouring pages, puzzles, mazes etc. in the links below. We hope you enjoy doing them.


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