Week commencing 15/06/2020

Speak out Stay safe - click here to see the NSPCC's new virtual assembly featuringDavid Walliams and Ant and Dec.

Why not start the day with a PE workout from body coach Joe Wicks - click here


This week we will use online lessons from the Oak National Academy. Each lesson has a detailed video and lesson slides which contain the lesson activities. It is easy to switch between the video and slides.

Monday - Non-chronological report- Reading Comprehension - Retrieval - click here

Tuesday - Non-chronological report- Reading Comprehension - Language - click here

Wednesday - Non-chronological report - Identifying the features of a text - click here

Thursday - Non-chronological report- SPaG focus - Adverbials - click here

Friday - Non-chronological report - To write a non-chronological report - click here


'ou' words

Powerpoint - click here   Word search - click here   Word definition dominoes - - click here  Poster - - click here


This week you will need to watch the daily teaching video clips from White Rose Hub  and then you can complete the activities.

Monday: Lesson 1 - Order fractions  video - click here    Activity - click here   Answers - click here

Tuesday: Lesson 2 -  Add fractions video - click here Activity - click here   Answers - click here

Wednesday: Lesson 3- Subtract fractions video - click here Activity - click here   Answers - click here

Thursday: Lesson 4 - Problem solving with fractions video - click here Activity - click here   Answers - click here

Friday: Video Clip Friday Maths Challenge - click here  BBC Bitesize Activites - click here

Here is a link to BBC Bitesize which has additional activites that will support the White Rose lessons - click here

In addition to the activities above we ask that pupils spend time every day on TimesTable Rockstars. (Click below.)

Any problems please email  rockstars@stpeter-stpauls.wirral.sch.uk


Animals including Humans

Naming Bones

Powerpoint - click here     Scientific names of bones  - click here    Choose which activities you want to do: 

      Activity 1 - click here        Activity 2 - click here   Activity 3 - click here   Activity 4 - click here



WALT: Know what Jesus teaches about helping others and reflect on how we help others


One day, peter asked Jesus how often he should forgive somebody who has done something wrong to him.  Without waiting for Jesus to reply, he said, “What if that person hurts me again and again, should I forgive him seven times?”  Jesus said, “Not seven, I tell you, but seventy-seven time” (Matthew 18:22).  Jesus is telling us that we must always love God, love one another and always be ready to Forgive each other when we do something wrong.

Task 1Click here.   Please write inside the hearts, times when you have said sorry and been forgiven or times when you have forgiven other people.


The Good Samaritan Click here, to read the story.

A Samaritan was somebody from Samaria and regarded by Jews as their enemy, whereas the Priest and Levite were members of Jewish religious groups who might reasonably have been expected to stop and help the injured man.


  • What 5 things did the Good Samaritan do to help the man who was attacked by robbers?
  • Sometimes people say that we should be ‘Good Samaritans’.  What do you think this means?
  • Can you think of examples of ways that we can be ‘Good Samaritans’ both in school and at home?

Task 2 - Click Here



This week, we will be looking at the different layers of the rainforest. 

Layers of the rainforest Powerpoint

Layers of the rainforest animals

Activity 2 Instructions

Activiy 2 Facts

Activity 2 cut outs

Activity 2 chart



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