Week commencing 08/06/2020

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This week we will use online lessons from the Oak National Academy. Each lesson has a detailed video and lesson slides which contain the lesson activities. It is easy to switch between the video and slides.

Monday - Letter - Reading Comprehension - Summary - click here

Tuesday - Letter - Reading Comprehension - Word Meaning - click here

Wednesday - Letter - Identifying the features of a text - click here

Thursday - Letter - SPaG focus - Subordinate Clauses - click here

Friday - Letter - To write a letter - click here




This week you will need to watch the daily teaching video clips from White Rose Hub  and then you can complete the activities.

Monday: Lesson 1 - Equivalent fractions video - click here   Activity - click here   Answers - click here

Tuesday: Lesson 2 -  Equivalent fractions 2 video - click here  Activity - click here   Answers - click here

Wednesday: Lesson 3- Equivalent fractions 3 video - click here Activity - click here   Answers - click here

Thursday: Lesson 4 - Compare fractions video - click here  Activity - click here   Answers - click here

Friday: Video Clip Friday Maths Challenge - click here  BBC Bitesize Activites - click here

Here is a link to BBC Bitesize which has additional activites that will support the White Rose lessons - click here


Animals including Humans

Types of Skeletons

Powerpoint - click here

Adult guidance - click here

Activity  - click here

Answers - click here



WALT: Begin to understand what being a Christian involves. Reflect on what it means for us


What does it mean to be a Christian?  What does it feel like to be Catholic?  Catholics are Christians.


The Challenge

Being a Christian is not easy.  It takes courage – but it’s a great adventure!  When we really do what Jesus asks, life is full of surprises and challenges.


Even when there is a lot of suffering, we can help each other like these boys in the picture.  The boys are from East Timor and their homes have been destroyed in an earthquake but they are helping each other to be brave and to trust in God.


Look at the picture of the boys taken in East Timor.


Why do you think that they are happy?  How would you feel if you were in their situation?


Jesus shows us the Way

Jesus was kind to everybody.  He was always ready to forgive people when they had done wrong.  He went about doing what he could to help others: to comfort the lonely, to cure the sick and to work miracles so that people would believe in the power of God.


When Jesus was asked what was the most important in order to inherit eternal life, that is, to get to heaven, he explained that there was not just one thing but two:


“Listen’, Jesus said, ‘ the Lord our God is the one Lord, and you must love the Lord our God with all your heart and with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.


The second is this: You must love your neighbour as yourself

(Mark 12:29-30).


Look at the 7 people in the picture.  What does it tell you?  What do you admire about it?  Is it suitable to go with Jesus’ command?  Why?  Why not?


Task 1

Click here.  Around the heart create a spider diagram by putting details of all the ways that you help


Prayer:  God’s Presence

When I wake up in the morning,

thank you, Jesus, for being there.

When I come to school each day,

thank you, Jesus, for being there.

When I am playing with my friends,

thank you, Jesus, for being there.

And when I go to bed at night,

thank you, Jesus for being there.


Task 2

 Write your own prayer thanking God for always being there.



Our topic this term is Rainforests. 

Please have a look at the attached Powerpoint. Choose one aspect from the Power point and research it further!

Rainforest Information Powerpoint


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