Week commencing 08/06/2020

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English- Writing 

Please follow the weekly schedule for English on Oak National Academy on: 

Monday  To listen to a poem

Tuesday To identify rhyming words

Wednesday To identify onomatopoeia

Thursday To plan our poem

Friday To write our poem

English - Grammar

Here are some free grammar resources:



Some of these topics we revisit regularly to consolidate the children’s understanding


Over the next few weeks we would be covering the following activities in our Grammar lessons…

  • Using the prefix un- to change the meaning of verbs and adjectives (e.g. kind – unkind) click here and here and here
  • Adding suffixes to verbs without changing the root word (e.g. walk – walked) click here and here and here
  • Turning words into plurals using –s or –es (e.g. cat – cats, box – boxes) click here and here


By the end of year 1 all of the children should know all of the sounds up to Phase 5.  Phonics play is a fantastic website that we use in school that has lots of fun and interactive games that you can play at home. Phonics Play is free at the moment too! Try to write some of the words in sentences. https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/

Mr Mc on YouTube teaches daily phonics lessons please follow the Monday to Friday pattern. Mr Mc YouTube Channel

Activity Booklet - click here

Useful information for parents to help with Phonics:



YouTube also has lots of resources to help with the pronunciation of Phonics.


We usually focus on 5 spellings a week.

Year 1 Term 2A Bumper Spelling Pack

Year 1 Common Exception Words


White Rose - Monday 8th June starts a new unit on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

The presentations for each lesson can be found at:


Work your way through the slides in the presentation and the activities that go with them. 

Monday 8th June: count in 2s

Tuesday 9th June: count in 5s

Wednesday 10th June: count in 10s

Thursday11th June: add equal groups

Friday 12th June: Follow the White Rose link above for Friday's BBC Bitesize Maths Challenge.








Helping Others:

L.O- I can begin to understand how compassion motivates many people to act for the good of others. Reflect on how we help one another.

Helping Others



Wild Plants- Lesson Plan

Activity Sheet- Wild Plant Hunt

Wild Plants Display Photos

Topic     DT- Packaging

Home learning focus

Learn the basics of product packaging design and production.

This lesson includes:

  • two video clips demonstrating designing and producing food packaging and some of the laws around it

  • two activities to try at home

Click here

Activity 1

Get an adult to help you find paper-based food packaging from around your house, eg cereal, eggs and fruit juice.

Outside of the legally required information, what design features are present?

You should consider:

  • Shape - What shape is it? Is it holding lots of things and keeping them apart? Can they easily fall out?
  • Opening - Does it need to open and close again, or not? If so, how does it do this?
  • Colour - Does the colour help you know what the flavour will be?
  • Pictures - How do the pictures or images used make you feel? Do they help you know what the packaging contains?

Activity 2

Nets- Activity 2


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