Week commencing 06/07/2020


So far we have looked at these sounds 'ee', 'ai',  'igh'   'oa' and  'oo'  'ar'ur' 'ow' 'oi' 'ear'air'

Our new sound is 'ure'. It is in words such as 'sure'  'pure'. There is a 'ure'  powerpoint for you to watch in the resources at the bottom of the page.

Do you know any other words with this sound in? 

Ask a grown up to write some words for you to read. Can you write them as the grown up says them to you? 

Play 'Picnic on Pluto' on https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/PicnicOnPluto.html#  and choose phase 3 'ure' sounds. 

Try to write a simple sentence such as 'The vet can cure a cat.' or 'Are you sure it is pure?' 

Remember to always use your high 5 rules when you write a sentence. (You can find a copy of them in the links below.)

Try reading and writing tricky words 'he,  she, me, we, be, my, was, you, no, go, they, all, are' Our new tricky word to read is 'are' which is in our sentence above!

Listen to this story of 'Bonting' by Shirley Hughes. 

Talk about the story. What do you think Alfie may say at diffferent points in the story? Can you draw Alfie and a speech bubble? Write his words in the speech bubble. 

Ask a grown up to show you speech marks. Can your grown up put the words into speech bubbles? There is a sheet below with a speech bubble and direct speech on.


We are looking at halves this week. What things can you halve? An apple? Your books? Your drink? Are halves always the same size?

There is a sheet below with lots of ideas and support for halving activities. This sheet doesn't need printing, you can use the ideas to share with things found around the home. You can print and use if you want.


Floating & Sinking

Find some objects around your house, include some stones just like Bonting! Which do you think will sink and which will float? Try putting them in bucket of water, were you right? Make a chart to show the results, write these labels

'I will sink' and 'I can float'.




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