Week commencing 01/06/2020

Why not start the day with a PE workout from body coach Joe Wicks - click here

English - 1st June - Poetry Week

This week we would like you to read some poetry and have a go at writing a 'Kenning' poem.

The task sheet gives you details of the 5 tasks you should complete this week - 1st June - Weekly task sheet

Click on the links next to each day for the resources you will need to complete each of the tasks.

Monday - Dragonfly Out in the Sun comprehension

Tuesday - Understanding a Kenning PPT and Add lines to a Kenning poem

Wednesday - Plan your own Kenning poem PPT and Mind map

Thursday - Write your own Kenning poem PPT

Friday - Edit and redraft your poem. 



Spelling rule 9 Words with endings sounding like 'ture'

Spelling rule 10 word endings sounding like 'sion'

Spelling rule 11 Suffix -ous

Spelling rule 12 Suffix -ous





60 second reads from TWINKL

Gary's big adventure

Layers of the rainforest

People of the rainforest

The ultimate jungle survival guide




This week you will need to watch the daily teaching video clips from White Rose Hub  and then you can complete the activities. We hope to have access to the White Rose resources very soon, but until then we will use the BBC Bitesize daily maths activites to support the videos. 

Monday: Video Clip Lesson 1 - Add 2 or more fractions - click here  BBC Bitesize Activites - click here

Tuesday: Video Clip Lesson 2 - Subtract fractions - click here  BBC Bitesize Activites - click here

Wednesday: Video Clip Lesson 3 - Fractions of quantities - click here  BBC Bitesize Activites - click here

Thursday: Video Clip Lesson 4 - Calculate quantities  - click here  BBC Bitesize Activites - click here

 Friday: Video Clip Friday Maths Challenge  - click here  BBC Bitesize Activites - click here                                    

TT Rockstars for Times tables. 



Animals including Humans

I can explain the difference between food groups and types of nutrients.

  1.  What do nutrients do for us? click here
  2. Food packet nutrients activity sheet click here
  3. Adult guidance – Types of nutrition click here

ck here



Our topic this term is Rainforests. 

Please have a look at the attached Powerpoint. Choose one aspect from the Power point and research it further!

Rainforest information Powerpoint


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