Week commencing 01/06/2020

Why not start the day with a PE workout from body coach Joe Wicks - click here


This week we will use online lessons from the Oak National Academy. Each lesson has a detailed video and lesson slides which contain the lesson activities. It is easy to switch between the video and slides.

Monday - Story: Reading Comprehension – Predict and Inference- click here

Tuesday - Story: Reading Comprehension – Fact retrieval - click here

Wednesday - Story: Identifying the features of a text - click here

Thursday - Story: SPaG focus – Prepositions - click again

Friday - Story: Continue a story - click here


The short sound u spelt ou.

  1. Powerpoint
  2. Look, Cover, Write, Check activity sheet
  3. Dominoes sheet


This week you will need to watch the daily teaching video clips from White Rose Hub  and then you can complete the activities.

Monday: Lesson 1 - Tenths as decimals video - click here   Activity  -click here   Answers - click here

Tuesday: Lesson 2 - Fractions on a number line video - click here  Activity - click here  Answers - click here

Wednesday: Lesson 3- Fractions of a set of objects 1 video - click here Activity -click here  Answers - click here

Thursday: Lesson 4 - Fractions of a set of objects 2 video - click here  Activity - click here  Answers - click here

Friday: Video Clip Friday Maths Challenge - click here  BBC Bitesize Activites - click here

Here is a link to BBC Bitesize which has additional activites that will support the White Rose lessons - click here




Animals including Humans

I can explain the difference between food groups and types of nutrients.

  1.  What do nutrients do for us?
  2. Food packet nutrients activity sheet
  3. Adult guidance – Types of nutrition



Can you remember the commandments that Jesus has given us?  

 Jesus asked us to love God and to love one another.  

  How do you show your love for others? How do others show their love for you? 

 It is often easy to show our love for those people who are close to us. We can be kind and generous to our friends, we can listen to our parents, carers and teachers. We can share with our brother or sister. And they show their love for us by comforting us when we are upset, by looking after us and by sharing their things with us too. But we are all God’s children. God loves each and every one of us because we are special. And so we need to do our best to show our love to all people, not just those who are close by.  

 How will you show your love for others, both here and around the world in the coming week? 


Watch the video and then complete the activity below.


Pentecost activity


Take a  heart shape cut out of paper or card, write the name of someone you love on one side, and of someone who loves you on the other. Then under each name write or draw what you will do to show your love for these people in the coming week. 

Write a prayer thanking God for all the people in the world that you love and who are important to you, ask God to bless them and watch over them. Think about people you know and also your brothers and sisters around the world in this prayer. 



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