Week commencing 01/06/2020



Please follow the weekly schedule for English on Oak National Academy

MondayTo retrieve information

TuesdayTo identify the meaning of words

WednesdayTo identify key features of instructions

Thursday:To identify and use adverbs

FridayTo write a set of instructions



This half term we will be consolidating the work that we have covered this year.

The work this week will be consolidating punctuating sentences.

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Grammar powerpoint

Activity 1

Activity 2



Please spend 20 minutes on Spelling Frame. Complete the test after your practice for: 

Spelling Rule 13: Adding –ed, –ing, –er and –est to a root word ending in –y with a consonant before it 

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Spelling Rule 14 - Adding the endings – ing, –ed, –er, –est and –y to words ending in –e with a consonant before it

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White Rose - Monday 1st June continues with the 'Multiplication and Division' unit. The presentations for each lesson can be found at:


Work your way through the slides in the presentation and the activities that go with them. 

Monday 1st June: Lesson 1

Tuesday 2nd June: Lesson 2

Wednesday 3rd June: Lesson 3

Thursday 4th June: Lesson 4

Answers in the files at the bottom of the page.

Friday 5th June: Follow the White Rose link above for Friday's BBC Bitesize Maths Challenge.

Arithmetic Test 6 Monday 1st June 

Click here: Arithmetic Test 6 01.06.20

Work your way through the arithmetic test at a time when it suits you. Some questions you will be able to answer mentally, some you will have to work out on paper. Use the space provided below the question or do any working out on a piece of paper. Think about which mathematical diagrams you can use to help you work out the answer. 


In addition to the activities above we ask that pupils spend time every day on TimesTable Rockstars.


R.E - The Church is Born

Week 1

Learning Objective - Know that when the disciples received the Holy Spirit they spread the good news. Know that we too can spread the good news.

Read the “Waiting for News” story and explore feelings of what it is like waiting for something to happen or someone to arrive. What might you be waiting for? How do you feel?

Read the “Fear changes to Joy” story to children (starts on the above page and continues on the next two pages)


Discuss the promise of the Holy Spirit. Ask your child to think about when they think they received the Holy Spirit. Explain that we received the Holy Spirit when we were baptised. Like the disciples, we have to ask the Holy Spirit to help us to do what Jesus has asked us to do (to share God’s love and forgiveness). Ask the children how we can share God’s love and forgiveness (love one another, be ready to say sorry, be ready to forgive, be kind, help others, include other children in the playground etc.)

So like the disciples, we have to ask the Holy Spirit to help us to do what Jesus asked of us.

Writing Task

Children to use ‘I can hear…. I can see… I feel…’ to form the beginnings of a poem about the disciples in the upper room. Retell the story of the Holy Spirit coming to the disciples and imagine you are with the disciples in the upper room and think about what you might be able to hear, see and feel.

For example:

I can hear ……

I can see ……

I feel …….


Our science work will be about plants this half term. This unit is designed to take two lessons so will be for this week and next. Enjoy discovering what you can about plants in your homes and outside!

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Learn about the life, actions and achievements of Mohandas Gandhi.

This lessons includes:

  • one video exploring his life and achievements
  • two activities to build knowledge and understanding

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