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At Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School we work closely with our partner school St Mary's Catholic College.

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Whatever talent or ability your child has, St Mary's is the place to be, to grow, to flourish.

We care passionately for each and every child entrusted to us, from the first days of Year 7 to the final days of Sixth Form.

The well-being of all our students is our priority. This is in the certain knowledge that success flows naturally from happy, well-adjusted young people who are able to take full advantage of the outstanding educational opportunities we provide.

Our Catholic faith is central to this, underpinning all our educational values.

As a large Specialist College for the Arts and Applied Learning, St Mary's is able to offer an impressive range of subject choices, and our rapidly-improving results speak for themselves. When asked to identify what is great about St Mary's, our students always comment on the quality of the relationships they enjoy with our dedicated staff and the willingness of staff to go the extra mile. I am proud to be the leader of this team.

Together we give the best, and we expect the best.

However, St Mary's students are not just expected to achieve in examinations, but to grow as human beings and to fulfil their God-given potential. Our college motto of 'Christ Within Us All' is the galvanising statement against which we measure all our successes. We know that our students leave us with the best preparation for adult life that it is possible to provide.

St Mary's is more than a school. We are a family.

Tony Boyle BSc (Hons)



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