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Remote Learning


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Since the return of our pupils to full time education in September 2020, plans have been in place for remote learning provision in the event of further interruptions to schooling due to Covid-19. Interruptions to schooling include:  

  • Pupils needing to self-isolate
  • A bubble group needing to self-isolate  
  • An enforced lockdown resulting in school remaining partially open only to Key Worker and Vulnerable Families

Our priority is to provide a seamless transition between learning in school and at home that will cause as little disruption as possible. As children will need internet to access the online learning, a digital survey was conducted to gather information from families about their access to internet and digital devises.

 Families can contact us on the school office email with any questions in regards to their child’s home learning. A member of our teaching team will address their requests accordingly. 

Remote learning is most likely to involve a significant amount of time children will spend working on line. Children’s safeguarding is crucial and parents/carers are asked to reinforce appropriate and safe use of the internet with their child. Parents/carers are asked to: 

  • Please take the opportunity to read our policies that support e-Safety and remote learning which can be found on the school website. These include:

o Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

o E-Safety Policy and Safer Use Internet Agreement

o Behaviour for Learning Policy

o Remote Learning Policy

o Data Protection Policy (GDPR).  

  • Please ensure that your child is supervised when accessing our learning platforms including daily Google Meets, Google Classrooms, school website and Zoom.  
  • Please contact the school office during school hours with any questions in regards to your child’s home learning. A member of our teaching team will address your requests accordingly. 

Please download the full Remote Learning Provision from the link below.

Files to Download