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Have you heard of something called ‘mindfulness’?  It’s about noticing what is happening in your body, your brain and in all of your senses at this moment in time. Practising mindfulness allows you to take notice of your thoughts and feelings. This helps you to feel a sense of calm and manage difficult emotions such as stress, worry or anger. Why not have a go at some of the activities below?


Glitter jar   The gratitude tree



Why not create your own mindfulness glitter jar? The swirling patterns make you feel calm when you are stressed or anxious.





Guided Meditation: If you liked this meditation why not check out more meditations on New Horizons youtube channel click here


Guided meditation   Cloud watching



Daily meditation helps you to manage and control your mental wellbeing.





Why not try some mindful cloud watching? Wondering why this helps? Find out more here.


Body scan   Practising mindfulness



Complete a mindful body scan, bringing you to harmony with your mind and body.





Guided meditation: a presentation leading you through mindfulness activities.


Other mindfulness exercises




                                            For more mindfulness exercises and acitivites,                                          click the image above.