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Mid Week Mental Health Check

Before you start, try and find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed by loud noises.


Start off with a focus activity from GoNoodle - click here


Then, why not try another online mindfulness colouring activity? - click here


Finally - find somewhere quiet to sit. Sit comfortably and close your eyes if it feels comfortable and safe. You can do this alone or with a family member.

Focus all of your attention on your sense of hearing. Listen intently for 1 minute. (If you find this hard, try for as long as feels comfortable. 30 or even 15 seconds is fine!)

Listen to all the sounds around you that you may not normally notice. What can you hear?

You may hear a clock ticking, a pet making a noise, cars passing outside. No matter what sounds you can hear, just listen.

After you start to lose focus, just stop. think about all the sounds you have heard. Do you often hear those sounds? Write them down if you want to or compare them with a family member.

Every day there are hundreds and thousands of sounds that many of us hear, but rarely do we listen to those sounds. Hearing and listening are very different. 

Taking your time, get back to your normal day, listen to what is going on around you and try to enjoy your day.