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Little Acorns Nursery and Pre School

September 2020

A copy of the start and finish times and drop off points is downloadable in the files below.

Just a reminder the new start time for Little Acorns for week beginning 7th September is 9am. We ask that only 1 adult accompanies the children to the school gates. A member of staff will be there to welcome you.



Please note that from September 2020 Little Acorns uniform will no longer be red but will be the same as the Primary School. Blue sweatshirts and cardigans with the school logo on. 



🌰 Welcome to Little Acorns' Nursery and Pre-School ðŸŒ°


👋🏻 Welcome 👋🏻


Little Acorns Nursery and Preschool is situated within St Peter and St Pauls Primary School. The nursery and preschool offers a warm and friendly atmosphere for children from the age of 2-4 years. We provide a foundation for children’s educational journey within a secure and exhilarating environment.

Little Acorns Nursery and Preschool is open from 8.45am -3.30pm during term times. We offer an open door policy and therefore no appointment is required. Our staff are happy to welcome you and show you around.


🐿 ðŸŒ° Early Years Foundation Stage 🌰 ðŸ¿


Every child deserves the best possible start in life and support to fulfil their potential. A secure, safe and happy childhood is important in its own right as it provides the foundation for children to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow up.

The Early Years Foundation Stage is the framework that provides that assurance:

It sets the standards for learning, development and care that young children should experience.

Across Early Years Nursery, Pre-Preschool, we uphold the principles of  Fundamental British Values  We actively demonstrate these values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs, by implicitly embedding them in our daily routine and in the care and education we provide.  

A child's experience in the early years has a major impact on their future life chances.


📔 Learning Journals 📔


In support of the Early Years Foundation Stage, we compile a Learning Journal full of observations and photographs of your child at play. We produce an on-going assessment, celebrating your child's achievements in personal, social and emotional, communication and language, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, expressive arts and design and physical development. Learning journeys are available to parents at all times and are shared in depth with parents during parent’s evenings.


🔗 Partnership with parents 🔗


We believe an effective partnership with parents is key in order for our children to reach their potential.


yes Fundrasing-Each year our parents support many fundraising events we take part in. From our ‘Big Toddle’ events to raffles and cake sales

yes Coffee Mornings- We hold regular coffee mornings for parents to get to know each other and staff.

yes Key Person Approach-The Key Person is someone who ensures your child's needs are met and planned for, someone who shares with you what your child has been doing during the day and listens to what they have been doing at home. They are responsible for observing your child through their sessions and will keep your child's learning journal up to date with artwork, photographs and observations of them at play.

yes Parents Evening- Parents evenings are held twice each year. It provides an opportunity for parents and staff to discuss their child’s progress and celebrate their achievements.



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