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Additional resources


We have searched the internet to find some really useful extra resources for you to access. We have found some lovely (and very funny) books and videos, some of which will help you to understand how to look after yourself during the Coronavirus lockdown. We have found some activities to help you keep busy and to look after yourself, and some relaxing music to listen to when you want to chill out.


Books exploring mental wellbeing   Wellbeing activities




Click on the image above to explore books about mental wellbeing.






Here you will find a range of activities to support your mental wellbeing.


Mindful music   Tree of resilience



Happiness frequency – mindful music. You can find more mindful music here, you might prefer to listen to other music genres.






Create your own tree of resilience.



Coronavirus: A book for children   Playmobil explain Coronavirus




A story that answers any questions you might have about Coronavirus.





An interactive explanation of Coronavirus for young children.


Lucy's in lockdown - KS1   How to NOT go to School - KS2




Click the image for a story that lets you know you’re not alone and to help you express how your feeling.






Click the image for a story that helps you to cope with our change in routine.