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Activities and creativity



A creative activity such as crafting can help to focus your mind and has even been compared to meditation due to its calming effects on our brains and bodies. Something simple such as origami, learning a new skill or colour therapy releases a ‘happy’ hormone into our bodies. We have suggested some creative activities that you might like on this page.


Makaton sing and sign   Origami



Learn to sing and sign our friendship song. If you liked this activity, you can learn to sing and sign other songs here.






Create your own origami masterpieces. For more origami activities including making a baby Yoda, a cat or even Pikachu, click here.



Brain teasers   Colour therapy and activities




Brain teasers can improve your memory and focus, click on the image to try out some of these exciting activities.





Colour therapy reduces stress and anxiety and improves sleep and focus. Click on the image above to complete colour therapy activities.


Kindness calendar   Positivity jar




Why not complete this week’s kindness calendar by clicking on the image above?








Why not make your own positivity jar? Click on the image for instructions.



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