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General Home Learning 2022 - 2023

We are sure you will be aware that many families have varied circumstances during this period, and as a result we are not recommending that children complete a minimum amount of work. What we would ask however is that each day, where possible, children complete:

  • Some reading and some grammar work.
  • For Maths - try to practice tables every day on Times Tables Rockstars and work through some of the targeted maths work where possible. 
  • Please also share with children the daily prayer and reflections available on the CAFOD  Lenten calendar, available here
  • There are a range of other resources on class pages and this page, for other activities your children may be interested in completing.

Each week, we would suggest that children complete a longer piece of writing. This could be anything: a diary, an email to a friend or a story. For those looking for some inspiration, you could use the Story Starter! from Pobble365 (link below). Your children's class pages will be updated with details of some writing targets for their year that you can use to check your child's writing.  

We are not expecting any work to be returned to school so working electronically is absolutely fine.

May we again thank you for all your work in supporting your children and we hope you continue to take care, and stay safe.


If you do not have your child(s) Times Tables Rockstars login details, please email their name and class and we will reply to you with the login details in due course.


Road Safety

The government’s guidance on social distancing and essential travel means that roads can seem a lot quieter than usual. It can be easy to forget how important it is that we are aware and considerate of other road users to ensure we remain safe. 

There are a number of activities & resources which are suitable for different age groups which link to the Take Extra Care Campaign - 

There are also some activity resources for children to help them think about different aspects of road safety which can be accessed here.


Some general topics you could consider, if appropriate are:

  • How to tell the time on a 12 and 24 hour clock.
  • The real value of, and responsible use of money.
  • Time scales - how many seconds in a minute, how many minutes in an hour, hours in a day, days in a week and how many weeks/days in a year.
  • The names of the months in order. How many days are in each month?
  • Cooking and baking skills

The importance of mental and physical health

We are very aware of the importance of staying fit and healthy throughout this time and would encourace children, and parents to use the resources posted on each class webpage to assist in this, In particular, GoNoodle has some fabulous resources for mindfulness under their 'flow' channel.

Wirral CAMHS have produced the above presentation which you may find useful in discussing caronavirus, and living in lockdown with your children.

Wirral Libraries

Wirral libraries are offering temporary memberships by following this link.

You will be issued with a number and pin and this can then be used to access their e-books and e-audio.


Some Useful Resources

Updated BBC Bitesize daily lessons

You'll find daily lessons for homeschooling in Maths and English for every year group, as well as regular lessons in Science, History, Geography and more.

The New Oak National Academy

You may have seen or heard about the new Oak National Academy. The online classroom can be accesed by clicking the logo above. Please read the guide for parents and pupils before use. Some staff may link to these resources on individual class pages.

Moneysavingexpert's team have collected several free offers for online services including auduble audio books, Rosetta Stine language courses, Carol Vorderman's maths workshops and more. click here to take a look. 

Edsential’s guide to activities for children and young people to access at home with support from families. Click on the above logo to access.

Science Resources

This link has a collection of 40 science websites offering experiments to entertain, and help children to learn at home.


Music Resources


   Do you fancy a sing with your family?

There’s a whole range of songs here, one for every day! Also find some follow up activities. Click on the link


Click anywhere on the image above to access the link mentioned.

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