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Cormorant Year 3/4 2021 - 2022

Welcome to Cormorant Class

The Team

Class Teacher: Mrs Harvey and Mrs McGinity

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Battersby

About Year 3/4 


We are currently studying the exciting book 'Leaf' in our English lessons.



Year 3—Celebrating Easter & Pentecost

“God’s Self-Revelation is perfected in us by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, promised by Jesus and revealed at Pentecost.”                                                                                                                               

Year 3 will learn that God the Father raised Jesus from the dead on Easter Sunday. They will learn that because Jesus rose from the dead we too will rise from the dead. They will hear the story of the appearance of Jesus on the road to Emmaus and to Thomas. They will also hear and reflect on the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.                            

He is Risen.png     

At Home

You could help your children by:              

  • talking to them about how the Church celebrates the resurrection
  • reading the story of Pentecost with them
  • discussing with them what they would have felt if they were one of the Disciples

Year 4—The Mission of the Church / The Early Christians

“Through the Church Christ fulfils and reveals God’s plan to unite all things in him. Christ gave his Church a structure in calling and choosing twelve apostles. With them and their successors he shares his mission, his power and authority. In the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost the Church was revealed and its mission to the nations was begun… The ultimate purpose of this mission is to share in the communion of life and love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”                                                                                                      

Year 4 will learn that Peter was chosen by Jesus to play a special role in the Church and that Jesus gave his followers a mission – to spread the Good News to others. They will learn that Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to help his followers and that Pentecost was the beginning of the Church. They will learn about the missions of Peter and Paul and about Stephen the first martyr of the Christian faith.

The Early Christians.png

At Home:

You could help your children by:              

  • discussing with them the life of St Peter and that he was the first Pope
  • reading the missionary journeys of St Paul in Acts of the Apostles (Ch 16 ff)

Educational Visits:

We enrich our curriculum by arranging the following:

Topic based visits.

Visits to our parish church Holy Apostles and Martyrs.

Visits to our local theatre the Floral Pavilion.

Sports competitions at local schools. 


Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school every day.

Please label ALL clothing and belongings.

Physical Education (PE)

Our P.E day is Wednesday, please ensure your child comes in to school on Wednesday wearing their PE Kit. The PE kit includes black or navy shorts, a white T-shirt and a pair of trainers. As PE lessons will largely be held outside, your child may need something warmer (eg black or navy jogging bottoms and their school sweatshirt or cardigan) in cooler weather. For health and safety reasons, children cannot wear jewellery for PE, so all children need to either be able to remove their earrings or they should be removed in the morning before school.


This half term homework will be reading, spellings, times tables and arithmetic.

Times Tables

Y3 - By the end of Y3 children are expected to know their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 times tables and associated division facts. Please ensure that the children keep their recall skills sharp. 

Y4 - By the end of Y4 children are expected to know all of their tables up to 12 x 12 and associated division facts. Please ensure that the children keep their recall skills sharp.


The children are expected to read independently at home on a regular basis (15 minutes per night). They should keep a record in their diary of what they have read. Please listen to them read out loud  and record this in their diary. Discuss any vocabulary that they are not sure of.


Children need to be able to read and spell all of the Year 3/4 by the end of Year 4. They also need to learn any spelling patterns and rules that are taught in class and then sent home. Click the file below to see the year 3/4 spelling list and practice some of the words at home.  We have also added the Year 2 spelling list that some children still need to practise.

Parent/Carer Curriculum Information

See curriculum section on website.




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