World Book Day Christmas Poetry Competition Runner Up!


Congratulations to Flynn Hampson in Year 1 who wrote this wonderful poem for the World Book Day Poetry Competition. He was a well deserved runner up and we are very proud of this wonderful achievement. 



The Art Lesson by Flynn Alexander Hampson
Teacher said, “Now children, we’re making a Christmas card,”
I felt a little worried, it sounded very hard,
We needed lots of glitter and paints and pens and glue,
And brightly coloured paper and cotton wool balls too,
The children were excited because it really did sound fun,
And everyone likes making things for their mum,
So the children got their paints and sat in their work places,
And started gluing glitter to their cards and fingers and faces!
Most people made a Christmas tree that looked more like a bush,
But I made a cheeky, naughty elf with a beard made of fluff,
Teacher looked quite cross because the mess was really bad,
But mum said it was the greatest card she’d ever ever had.


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