Robin & Flamingo Foundation 2 2018 - 2019

Tell Teddy says

"Always try your best!"

Welcome to Foundation 2 at Ss. Peter & Paul School

Meet the Team

Teachers:                        Mrs Brown        Mrs Thrastarson         Mrs Wellens

Higher Level Teaching Assistant:             Mrs Riding

Teaching Assistants:                                 Miss Taylor          Mrs Patton



Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school every day

Please label ALL clothing and belongings

Don’t forget to read with your child regularly

Pleae make sure your child has their PE kit in school each week.


The Way The Truth & The Life

Foundation 2— The Church

“The Church is the family of God, the people that God gathers in the whole world”

Religious Education Curriculum Directory

This half term, the children in the Nursery and the Reception classes will be learning about the Church. The children will begin to understand that we call the Church the family of God. They will learn that a church building is a holy place where we can all pray and are welcome. The children will learn that Jesus is present in a special way in the Blessed Sacrament and he invites us to be with him. They will learn to be thankful that lots of people help to look after the church and know why Sunday is a special day.


At home you could help your children by:                                            

• visiting church, either for Mass or another time, to talk about the church

reminding them what a special place a Church is and reasons why

• talking to your child about their Baptism, explaining how this was the day

that they became part of God’s family.



Technology - using ipads

We used Purple Mash 2animate to create moving pictures of our plants as they grow.

You can see them by clicking the plants link at the bottom of the page!


Please look at our animations based on our 'Rumble In The Jungle' work. The video is at the bottom of this page!


Miss McCulloch helped us to draw our faces and make our pictures into jig-saw puzzles using Purple Mash 'puzzle'. You can see them by following this link!


Image result for ipads  Image result for jigsaw puzzle face

We have also made some 'Chatterpix@ pictures which tells the story of Goldilocks & the 3 Bears. Listen and watch here



 We try hard every day in our phonic families. We love using phonicsplay. You can use the link below to play this at home!

We know lots of phonemes. We are learning phase 3, 4 & 5 phonemes at the moment.

We use our fingers to sound out how many phonemes we can hear in a word

e.g.    chop;       ch - o - p.

We can write words with sound buttons or in a phoneme frame.   

This helps us when we want to spell words.

Phonemes are a very short sound, we never put an 'uh' at the end!

m is mm not 'muh'. This helps us blend sounds together. We look out for our tricky words also, I, he, go, no, the, you, she, we, to, the, said.

Playing 'I Spy' helps us know first sounds and 'sound talking' is a good way to help us blend.

When we blend sounds we try to stretch the middle sounds e.g. c-aaaa-t.


Numbers are everywhere!

We love to be clever counters.

We can count together up to 100 and count in 2's, 5's and 10's!

We know how to separate items into groups and add them together. We have recorded this in writing and drawing! It is really important to talk about our number sentences.



Just now we are doubling, halving and sharing numbers. 

Please help us to find half of lots of things such as an apple, an orange, a cake or a number . We share one at a time into 2 groups!

We practise writing our numbers every day. You can download a number formation mat below.





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